Company History

About us

Since 1987 we have shared a great passion for Volkswagen classics with our customers. Our driving force is your satisfaction, which is why we are constantly improving and expanding our product range.

From a small sales workshop, we have grown to become one of the most important suppliers in Europe for spare parts and more for VW Beetle, Volkswagen T1/T2/T3/T4, Karmann Ghia, Golf 1/2/3 and Porsche.

Although the production of Volkswagen legends has been discontinued for some time, their popularity knows no bounds. Since the first VW Beetle left the production line, customer demands and requirements have changed and we have adapted accordingly! As a matter of fact, in 1997 we published our catalogue online and since 2007 we made possible to order conveniently from the website. For this reason it is worth checking our online store regularly, as it is constantly updated with numerous new offers and products.

Over the years, our interest has grown more and more towards other types of Volkswagen, such as the Golf 1/2 and Golf 3, and some older Porsche models. Many of these Volkswagen gems have survived from the 2009 German scrapping plan and continue to be loved around the world. For this reason, we supply both private customers and retailers from all over the globe, who benefit from our wide range of products and services. An example? Last year only, more than 800 shipments were consigned from our warehouse and more than 15,000 packages were delivered worldwide.

Our extensive selection of items obviously requires a lot of space. That's why in 2008 we expanded with more than 8800 sqm of storage and we are now proud to announce that 85% of our products can be manufactured and sold directly from our stock.

In combination with the purchase of national and international spare parts, the acquisition and reproduction of old tools has allowed us to replicate items that have long disappeared from the market and fill many supply gaps.

How it all began

The history of our company dates back to 1987 at the times of Helmut Kohl, Vokuhilas and MacGyver. The latter would certainly have been amazed by our conversion kits for Beetles, with which it all began.

The idea of building Beetle Cabriolets or Speedsters came from the USA. From here we took up this notion and further developed the various in-house production of Speedster and Beetle convertible kits for the German market. This was soon followed by additional plastic parts such as mudguards, footrests and bonnets.

The production reached its peak in 1989 with the Speedster II, which subsequently went into series production as a finished vehicle and was successfully distributed with the company OTTO Versand.

Unfortunately, due to several new legal provisions, we no longer have the conversion kit.

Enjoy exploring our online shop now. We look forward to receiving your order!