Photo contest - My classic car

Send us your best photos with your car!  

Your cars - air or water cooled - are in demand. 
We will give away a surprise package for each of the first 3 winners among all participants.

The winners will be determined by our jury. Payment in cash, other material goods or exchange of the prize is not possible. 
The winners will be informed by e-mail after the end of the competition.
The e-mail address you provide will only be used for the competition and will not be passed on to third parties.

And here are our rules:

  1. All designs submitted between 01.07.2021 and 31.08.2021 will be entered into the competition.                                                                      (Don't forget your name, phone number and address!)
  2. Send your digital media in jpg format (high resolution) up to A2 ( 42cm x 59.4cm ) max. 5MB, to:
  3. Pictures which exceed 5MB can be sent to us via: 
  4. No more than 8 proposals per participant
  5. Copyright: Anyone submitting material for this action must have the copyright or permission to publish from the respective author.
    You confirm this by sending us your material.
  6. If people are recognizable, they must agree to the publication.
  7. Hoffmann Speedster Teile Vertriebs GmbH may use the images for its own advertising purposes ( ads, flyers, homepage, social media etc.) without restriction (also outside the photo contest).
  8. Submission by mail or any other means will not be considered.
  9. There is no right to claim publication. Legal action is excluded

We look forward to seeing beautiful photos and we wish you a lot of fun with the game.

If you have questions, please contact:



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